Note about age considerations:

The Saturday League spans a wide range of ages, from ages 3 to 18. All of the players in the Saturday League have a buddy with them during the game. Buddies are typically middle school, high school or adult volunteers. Veteran players who are older than 18 are welcome to stay in the Saturday League or move to the Night League.

The minimum age for the Saturday League is three. For players who are 3 or 4, we ask that their parent (or another relative or friend) serve as their buddy. Players who are 5 and older will be assigned a buddy from the buddy pool, unless their parent would prefer to serve as their buddy.

The Night League is intended for older teens and young adults. They do not have a buddy during the game. It is somewhat more competitive than the Saturday League, but not exceedingly so. There is not a minimum age for the Night League, but we recommend that parents with young teens watch a Night League game before they decide on the Saturday League or the Night League.

Registration Tips

  • When you specify a shirt size, think bigger rather than smaller. Shirts tend to run small.
  • We have a text messaging system for game cancellations. If you wish to receive text messages, make sure we have your correct phone number when you register.
  • Questions about Saturday League registration can be directed to
  • Questions about Night League registration can be directed to Joe Fox at 614-791-1305 or by emailing
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Saturday league Sign UP

General registration for our 2023 Saturday League is now open. You can use the link below to register on-line:

2023 Saturday League Registration

Remember that on-line registration is a two-step process:

1) Register using the link above
2) Come back to the website and pay using the PayPal button below. Select the “Saturday League $45.00” option.

On-line registration is strongly recommended. If you prefer to use a hard copy to register, please contact us immediately at and a hard copy registration form will be emailed to you. We urge you to fill it out quickly, scan it, and email it back to us.

This summer, we are going to cap the size of the league at 240 players. That equates to an average of 15 players per team. If more than 240 players register, we will create a waiting list for those who missed the cut. You will be notified if you are on the waiting list.

Uniform Pick-up Day: April 29th
Opening Day: May 6th
Trophy Day: July 15th

THANK YOU & Let’s Play Ball!!

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Night League Sign-Up

Night League Registration

Registration for our 2023 Night League season will begin in March.

The 2023 season will begin on June 13th and end on August 24th. Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We anticipate having four teams again this summer.

Stay tuned for more details.

Night League Information

The Night League was created in 2005 out of the traditional Miracle League to accommodate teenagers and adults that are more able-bodied and may have some baseball experience. Games are played Tuesday and Thursday evenings under the lights at the Miracle League Field in Dublin.

Typically, players do not utilize buddies in the Night League. Wooden and aluminum bats are used along with soft-core baseballs as opposed to the plastic bats and balls used in the Traditional League games. The players occupy all the positions in the field; coaches and players do the pitching.

Games usually last an hour-and-a-half with everybody batting and playing the field for three (3) innings. Plays can be made on runners at bases and in the field. The games are filled with fun and lots of sportsmanship.

Some Registration Tips:

  • When you specify a shirt size, think bigger rather than smaller. Shirt sizes tend to run small.
  • We have created a text messaging system for game cancellations. If you wish to receive text messages, please give us a phone number to contact you.

We are always looking for additional volunteers, and we have several open slots for the upcoming season. If you are interested in becoming a coach, a buddy leader, an announcer or a field duty coordinator, please indicate so as you register.

Registration Payments

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